X y 2 xy x y 20

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Start with: x 2 + y 2 xy Separate terms: x 2 xy + y 2 xy Simplify: x y + y x Reciprocal of first term: y x -1 + y x Yes! Take a look at the graph: The lines do not intersect. It becomes tedious, and it can lead to incorrect graphs.

The above graph looks like this: There is a vertical wall that should not actually appear in the graph - it is actually the asymptote.

It is customary to reintroduce powers in the final result when terms involve products of identical symbols.

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Now for all the curves that I draw below, I'm not going to draw up a table.

Which form the ordered pair. The answer for your question is contained in the article! Note that the vertex of the curve is at 0, 3 on the y-axis.

We have a y 2 term , so it means it will be a rotated parabola.

The minus 2 means that all the y-values for the graph need to be moved down by 2 units.

X y 2 xy x y 20

X y 2 xy x y 20

I will consider the effect of small changes to the equation and then sketch my curve.

X y 2 xy x y 20

X y 2 xy x y 20


X y 2 xy x y 20

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Can someone please explain this to me? Then you plug the resulting expression into the other equation for the chosen variable, and solve for the values of the other variable.

This may be different from what you're used to seeing referred to as being a "factor", but the factorization process works just the same as before.